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suPHP 406

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This error has occurred again for most of my subdomain and domain websites on this ISP, but never to forum url=][/url where I am able url=]meanwhile[/url to post this same ISSUE
Browsing with msie 8 - ERROR :
Internet Explorer: HTTP Error 406 Not acceptable

While browsing with firefox 10 will show:
Not Acceptable
An appropriate representation of the requested resource /bp/ could not be found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

My ISP IP (shared connection Gprs Edge Umts was blacklisted in ( you can confirm this from the URL ) that caused suPHP firewall to block me/(...or you) from accessing the domain:

So either it's needed to use an other ISP or get with related ISP support and ask them to have it delisted.
If you have any comment on why this is happening almost to all my resources except my FORUM, please advise.

NB: I have tried to pick up the issue with my Provider, it's almost impossible to communicate with them,,, and that is the most popular one in Italy.

While I know that I just need to disconnect and reconnect again, my users might not know and just click away, considering then that this might happen to few other people, I would appreciate a turnaround the bend solution if possible.
Furthermore I have not yet understood if that banned-dynamic IP remains re-usable and if permanently and how frequently it will affect my own connection.
Vittorio Ognissanti



  • Vittorio,

    This is usually caused by a line of code that is triggering our modsec rules. We can sometimes white-list the domain for modsec but it's not something we like doing. Feel free to contact me the next time this happens and I can help narrow it down for you.
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