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Would like to dig out performances on this server of chmod feature.

1) Case Reseller Account
What is the default setting of CHMOD for this account?
How the following folders will be chmod-default marked at Account NEW release ?

www [ link ]
public_html [ folder ]
public_ftp [ folder ]
Mail [ folder ]

- What briefly that affects ?
- If any reseller-owner modifies those permissions is that going to be permanent ?
. . . assume that will change back to default if server is restored after an Outage.
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2) Case Personal Account
Same question as above
Please distinguish the cases if output changes :
- Account was setup by a Reseller account Owner such as
- Account was setup by as a MERCURY package of yours

What finally means www link folder appearing in the server ftp map or in cPanel ?
If that is just a link it should not affect anything and chmod-feature should not offer or show any permission set at all, sofar that is a sort of a link-ALIAS of the public_html folder, valid permissions should be the ones set on public_html folder.


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    Out of the box, your umask value is 022. Therefore, newly created files get a default mode 644 (666 - 022 = 644) and directories get a default mode 755 (777 - 022 = 755).

    Yes, "www" is a symlink to public_html (no permissions can be set. This simply makes life easier for webdesigners when publishing their code (www is easier to type than public_html when dealing with paths). It will make no difference which you use (unless you accidentaly delete the www symlink.

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