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Gotta move my hosting...

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Do you have cpanel or some other whatever it is? How long does it typically take to switch over? Can I set up an automatic payment? Insert most common questions here...

my site: for advice...


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    Welcome to the forums bud.

    1) All of our shared hosting accounts use cPanel ( for a hosting control panel.

    2) As soon as a payment is approved, we'll setup the account within 24 hours (usually 15 minutes). You then need to transfer your old host content to our servers. This can be done cPanel to cPanel if your previous host uses cPanel or by FTP. From there, all that's left to do is for you to change your TLDs ( nameservers at the registrar (whomever you registered your domain name with) to our nameservers (these are provided in the activation e-mail). Depending on your registrar, the propagation for the change can take 5 mins to 72 hours. Unfortunately, the propagation time line is controlled by the root DNS (these capture the change almost immediately) and you and your visitors ISPs DNS (some ISPs can take 72 hours to refresh).

    3) Automatic payments are supported through paypal.
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    'K, my current one uses CPanel, how do I do the Cpanel to Cpanel transfer without having to move the whole damn thing from my site to my pc then ftp it back again?

    I'm gonna choose here, just want to know all the "details" first...
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    Two ways:

    1) We do the transfer for you - you'll need to provide the old account details in a support ticket.
    2) a. You can can generate a full backup in your old hosting cPanel and have it sent to an FTP (we can provide an FTP account to send it to).
    b. You can can generate a full backup in your old hosting cPanel and upload it to your new account for us to restore.
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